Size Guide

hiccup is currently available in 2 sizes.

Both sizes work for most people but there are a few things that can be kept in mind while picking out which size might work best for you.

Minor Hiccup

Minor Hiccup

Recommended for those who:

Have regular flow

Haven’t given birth vaginally

Have a low cervix*

Major Hiccup

Major Hiccup

Recommended for those who:

Have heavy flow

Have given birth vaginally

Have a high cervix*

While the flow is usually the most important factor in helping you decide which cup is for you, we recommend the following:

Teens – If you’re starting out, we recommend doing so with minor hiccup

Sexually Inactive – If you’re not sexually active, your muscles are likely to be tighter. We recommend going with minor hiccup in this case.

How to Measure your Cervix

Wash your hands and insert 1-2 fingers into your vaginal canal. Feel around for your cervix. It should feel soft yet firm with a roundish shape. It will have a small hole in the center. Touch the tip of your cervix and check how far inside your hand is. 

If you’re in till your first knuckle, you have a low cervix.
If you’re in till the middle of your finger, you have a medium cervix.
If almost your entire finger is inside, you have a high cervix.

For a low to medium cervix, we recommend going with minor hiccup while for those with a medium to high cervix, we recommend going with major hiccup.

Size Guide

Minor HiccupMajor Hiccup
Total Height68mm72mm
Cup Height57mm60mm
Stem Size11mm12mm
Diameter (Rim)42mm48mm

If you’re still confused about your size or have questions, we’d love to help you. Reach out to us at


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